"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" - this famous quote by Peter Drucker emphasizes that a strong culture, unleashing employees’ full potential is the surest way to organizational success.  Therefore, creating an organizational culture, that is innovative and has the ability to adapt and where employees take responsibility for results, has become one of the key objectives in the area of ​​organization development in recent years.

Companies that do not notice the relationship between strategy and culture put their success under a question mark. There are many studies showing a direct correlation between the healthy, productive culture and revenues of organizations. And yet, most organizations spend little time thinking about culture, focusing entirely on strategy.

A strategy, organizational capabilities and culture should be consistent with each other. Especially if the company is facing significant changes, considering all three elements makes them mutually supportive, contributing to an effective and lasting transformation of the organization.

The first step to transforming the culture of the organization is the diagnosis of the current culture, to which I use the Cultural Transformation Tools - CTTTM Barrett Values ​​CenterTM.

Advisory projects related to organizational culture are based on the ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT approach, assuming a diagnosis of the current situation, creating a vision of the desired change, identification of stakeholders and creating a plan for their engagement, analysis of the impact of change on the organization, identification of risks, support in the creation of an action plan including communication, assistance in creating an internal team responsible for implementation and undertaking actions to anchor the changes and to measure results.