About me

True happiness is a matter

of effort, courage and work


Honore de Balzac

Anna Rajtar-Klepuszewska

Coach, psychologist, mentor, business consultant, facilitator


Over 1000 hours of individual and team coaching buttressed by positive psychology, systemic thinking and evolutionary approach, taking into account the level of consciousness of individuals, teams and organizations.

I know how to work with organizations and leaders. I understand their needs because I have been in business for over 20 years and I have 13 years of experience in managerial and executive positions across HR function.

I support organizations in transformation processes using my experience in change management projects in large organizations employing over 2,000 employees. I help in implementing changes in organizational culture, being experienced in supporting management boards in implementing strategies, increasing engagement and efficiency, improving communication and cooperation and leadership development.

I facilitate meetings aimed at developing specific results (eg. organization or department strategies), helping teams to achieve their goals with the best possible use of the potential of all team members.

I advise on the implementation of internal coaching and/or mentoring in organizations, having carried out effective implementations and management of such programs in large companies.

I serve as a mentor in social  and business programs, supporting my mentees in their development and in overcoming breakthroughs they face as professionals, leaders and human beings.

I offer my services as a organizational culture coach, team coach, facilitator or consultant in the areas of:

  • Building a desired organizational culture based on values and supporting the strategy of an organization
  • Development of leadership in organization
  • Managing transformation in organization
  • Identification of current values in the organization
  • Mission and vision of the organization
  • Building a strategy of organizations or departments
  • Diagnosis of teams in terms of effectiveness (performance) and relationship perspectives
  • Raising the efficiency of teams
  • Alignment of HR strategy with the organization's strategy

I have been coaching from 2009. My practice is buttressed by positive psychology (enhancement of strengths), pro-active coaching and evolutionary coaching (taking into account the level of psychological development of clients). I also use selected methods from psychology of a process, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), SFBT (Solution-Focused Brief Therapy) and RBT (Rational Behavior Therapy).

For individual diagnostics, I use reliable and accurate psychometric tools such as Facet5, PRISM Brain Mapping, Insights Discovery, VIA (Values in Action) Character Survey or other questionnaires and tests available for psychologists. I also use CTT - Cultural Transformation Tools of Barrett Values ​​Center to diagnose teams and organizations.


Areas of coach specialization:

Definition of personal mission and vision based on values


Increasing personal effectiveness and efficiency (by use of self-reflection and increase of self-awareness)


Development of communication skills and improvement of relationships


Preparation for promotion or other changes of professional role


A new professional role


Increasing the impact on the organization


Change management and change leadership


Increasing personal potential by recognizing and integrating of so-called weaknesses